New York State Unified Certification Program

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About The New York State Unified Certification Program

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) regulation that took effect March 4, 1999 (Title 49 Part 26.81 of the Code of Federal Regulations) required that each state have a "one-stop shopping" certification process. This means that a firm would apply to only one organization for DBE certification, and that organizationís decision would be accepted by all other entities within the state that receive funds from the United States Department of Transportation (e.g. Metropolitan Planning Organizations, counties receiving FTA funding, and numerous airports). The NYSUCP began to operate November 30, 2005.

There are four certifying members in the NYSUCP, which consists of the following organizations:

The information contained in the NYSUCP DBE Directory is provided by each of the certifying members and accepted by the approximate 75 non-certifying members.

DBE certification is a Federal certification program. It is separate and distinct from the State M/WBE program. For more information on the State program go to: NY Business

NOTE: Please note that if a NYSUCP certified firm is hired to work on a contract as a DBE, it must perform a commercially useful function in executing the work of the contract, or a distinct element of the work on the contract, by actually performing, managing and supervising the work involved with its own workforce and equipment. A DBE firm must have a necessary and useful role in the work - the firmís role cannot merely be a superfluous step added in an attempt to obtain credit towards a DBE goal. If a commercially useful function is not performed, the firmís participation towards achieving the goal cannot be counted.

Consideration of whether a firm performs a commercially useful function or is a regular dealer pertains solely to counting toward DBE goals the participation of firms that have already been certified as DBEs. Firms listed in this directory may not have completed projects or contracts at the time of its application or demonstrated a potential for success. If the firm meets disadvantaged, size, ownership, and control requirements of the DBE regulations, the firm is eligible for certification.

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